Hello there dear reader,

This is my inaugural post on this new blog. How exciting! I’m going to begin with introducing myself and the purpose of this blog.

My name is Bryan Yap and I’m currently still a student undertaking a Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (graduating April 2016) and will be continuing with my degree in medicine preferably later this year. I like a variety of things, some of which include photography, music, technology, medicine and science, food and I have a love-hate relationship with the idea of socialising/making new friends. I am also gay.

I created this blog as an outlet for creative writing, jotting down memories and thoughts, as well as to showcase my newfound hobby – photography. Very aptly entitled “Clarity”, the main objectives here are to not only provide a clear view of my life to my readers, but also for myself to visualise my own life, because you never know what you are like until you actually reflect upon yourself.

As of this post, the blog is still under construction but I will get it up and running as soon as I possibly can! Until then, dear reader.

Hello, it’s me.

Author: Bryan Yap

Food enthusiast, amateur photographer & aspiring revolutionary

Tell me what you think.

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