How I Spent New Year’s (2016)

Yes I know we’ve already entered the double digits of January but I’m going to post this anyway. New Year’s Day this year was relatively more eventful for me than the past few years, maybe because we actually did things other than lazing around at home like any other weekend.

Aunt Jeannie took us out for lunch at this Italian restaurant in Damansara Heights called La Risata. The food there was really quite good and reasonably priced to portion. We had an amazing antipasti platter, a spicy seafood tomato soup, eggplant parmigiana (my favourite dish of the day, mainly because I love eggplant and cheese and lasagna-styled food), a bombass carbonara pizza and a chill crabmeat linguine. I would recommend this place to y’all be it for a romantic date or a family meal, but skip the crabmeat linguine because it was really bad (None of us liked it so I assume that’s a good enough indicator)

Also we visited Aunt Jeannie’s new crib (I still think its a bachelorette pad but mom doesn’t want me telling her I said that oops), with floor-to-ceiling length windows surrounding two of the walls of the unit and very nice vintage decor. Lighting was on point because of the abundance of natural sunlight and so our family pictures turned out really good. So good that my mom got them printed and framed. After that we just went shopping and I got new sportswear that pray tell I use properly.

I don’t really have a New Year’s resolution this year because they never seem to follow through, but my wishes and goals are to graduate top of my class, get into med school preferably with financial assistance because let’s face it, its expensive as fuck, and to try to get into better shape before I start university, whenever that is. Cheers!


Author: Bryan Yap

Food enthusiast, amateur photographer & aspiring revolutionary

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