Words of wisdom from a 21-year old who is still learning about life:

  1. You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself because of what other people do or think; Your life is yours and yours alone, and you alone decide your life.
  2. Relationships (noun; a social connection between two individuals) don’t always last forever, in fact they hardly ever do, and that is okay.
  3. Move on from toxicity. Do not associate yourself with persons who induce negativity. Just leave, for the sake of your sanity. If you cannot leave (physically) then just do it mentally and not give a fuck about what they think, do or say.
  4. It’s perfectly fine to reminisce, but what’s not fine is to be trapped in reminiscence.
  5. We find ourselves waiting for and grumbling over trains that we’ve already missed, but seldom look forward to the next one. Why?
  6. You brush shoulders with so many people on your journey, but most of them don’t matter to you and you don’t matter to them. Don’t fret over that, you’ll have people that walk beside you.
  7. A lack of a response, is sometimes a response. Do not delude yourself.
  8. We always think there is something wrong with us, or that the way we think or do things in unspeakable of. Appreciate the ones who love you anyway.
  9. Love in a way you want to be loved. Hate and you’re hated.
  10. My favorite metaphor: Life is definitely a roller coaster. It has its ups and  downs, its twists and turns. At one point, you might just feel like getting off the ride, but if you do you won’t feel the rush anymore. If you don’t go uphill, how will you experience the joy of zipping down the tracks with your arms in the air? Even if you let go, you will still be safe. Uphill isn’t always the battle, it’s where the anticipation for something better lies. So, how are you anticipating life? With excitement or with dread?

Author: Bryan Yap

Food enthusiast, amateur photographer & aspiring revolutionary

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