In Love

One day you will find someone who…

  • You will do things you’d never do for anyone else
  • You will drive day and night, sun and rain just to see their smile
  • You will only see them and no one else when you’re with them
  • You will give them (or try to give them) anything and everything they want
  • You will want to make happy every single day
  • You want to see all day every day, not a moment less
  • You will miss them the moment they leave
  • You will hurt you in some way but you forgive them because people make mistakes
  • You will forgive them even though they did something you wouldn’t forgive anyone else for doing
  • You want to experience the world and life with
  • You will wait for no matter what
  • You will feel comfortable around, even more than yourself
  • You will crave for their attention just because you want them to notice you more
  • You will think about 24/7 and that you see them in everything, even when they’re not there

And then, you will know that you are in love. That is how you know what love can feel like, and words cannot sufficiently put the entire magnitude of emotion that is love.


Author: Bryan Yap

Food enthusiast, amateur photographer & aspiring revolutionary

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