Nightmare Pt. 1

As my upper lids meet their lower counterparts, my mind drifts off into what seems to be oblivion.

Suddenly, I am awake on my bed. I reluctantly shift my gaze to the sidetable where my smartphone lies in wait. I glance at the Always On Display, one of my favourite features on the Galaxy S7 Edge.


FUCK! I overslept. I’m going to be late for work. I leap from the bed where I lay for what felt like two seconds. Rushing to the bathroom, I quickly grab a towel and almost trip over my own clumsy feet. My boss is going to flay me alive. I pee, wash my hair, scrub my body and brush my teeth simultaneously and am done within 7 minutes. I should challenge the world record holder for Shortest From Bed To Ready For Work Time.

By the time I get out of the shower and put on some clothes, I’m already starting to sweat. I rush to start my car but I cannot find my car keys. I glance at my phone again.


I’m doomed. I nervewreckingly look for my car keys everywhere, turning the house upside down. Everything is in a mess. I almost feel like giving up. I pick up my phone and start composing a text to apologize for my tardiness.

Out of nowhere, I hear a familiar melody. It is my morning alarm. I blink twice and I am on the bed again. Dismissing it, I notice the time.


Oh, thank heavens. It was only a dream. No, a nightmare.

(I have these dreams very very often, not just in a work setting but also for appointments, for school, etc. And it always freaks me out that my dreams are that vivid and that real and that directly related to what I am supposed to do when I wake up)


Author: Bryan Yap

Food enthusiast, amateur photographer & aspiring revolutionary

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