I had always thought of writing a nice ‘thank you for the memories’ entry when we’d break up. Guess it turned out a little different from what I expected. Thank you for destroying any note of happiness I felt with you in the past half year. You did this.

And to think I was gracious enough to be civil about the breakup. If I knew what I found out after we were done beforehand I would have raised hell. You don’t deserve anything good. You always told me that, but I never took it to heart, always reassuring you. Guess you were right about something for once. To think I actually trusted you till the end.

I used to comfort myself when I was anxious or scared with the thoughts of us spending time together in the past. Our first date, the date by the lake, our impromptu trip. I remember being so happy. But I only remember it, I don’t feel it now. What was a myriad of bursting colour, now comes back to me in black and white. Maybe that’s why we relate history with either monochrome or sepia tones, only facts untainted by emotions. I cannot even think of how happy I was anymore, that feeling was completely torn apart and cast into the abyss.

You lied to me for months, so it seems. Played me for a fool. How dare you? After I had given you everything I could possibly give anyone. Y’all, don’t ever believe that effort will always bring you something good.

Maybe that’s why your old friends dumped you. Useless.

I won’t let myself be hung up on you. I don’t even miss you anymore. You’re not worth it. i was so angry, so hurt, by what I found out. Strangely I don’t even feel remorse now, I don’t feel anything about you. You’re dead to me.

Thank you for wasting my time.



Author: Bryan Yap

Food enthusiast, amateur photographer & aspiring revolutionary

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