Onz Mou?

The people who recently met me probably wouldn’t know that I used to be the kid who shied away at the prospect of social interaction (yeah I was more of a pussy back then than I am now). I was the passive kid in group activities, just following instructions and resenting every moment. I was the bitch that didn’t give constructive input even though I had some ideas. I was the lame person that didn’t want to do anything.

Note: Try not to be that person

And now I’m that asshole that makes noise on my own and never shuts up. Sometimes I feel that I’m rather annoying myself, but at the end, the satisfaction of contribution negates all of that. (Plus it’s better for myself in a sense that I gain a little confidence boost every time). There’s so much to learn around us, you just have to close the book and go explore. Take charge of your life. Participate.

It all comes down to two words:

Onz mou?
(youth slang for ‘are we doing this or nah’)



Author: Bryan Yap

Food enthusiast, amateur photographer & aspiring revolutionary

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