When our eyes first met,
I knew you’d be my first bet.
Fast forward a year and where are we?
Same room, same place, you’re not here with me.

I used to think you were on my side,
My comfort, my shelter, my place to hide,
From the rocky roads and the stormy sea,
My little secret, safe as can be.

You left me in ruins I know you see.
How cruel of you in the name of honesty?
People said our love was forbidden,
And so my little secret, I kept you hidden.

I should have known better to have tried,
I should have been stronger, instead I cried.
Sometimes I feel as light as a feather,
But deep down I know that I’m still tethered.

– J.M. (2014)

Author: Bryan Yap

Food enthusiast, amateur photographer & aspiring revolutionary

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