A night of glamour and excitement;

Yeah that was the plan for the Scholar’s Annual Dinner last night. Unfortunately, the event was kinda lame, probably due to the organising committees little whims but nevertheless I still had a great night. It was my first time performing on a stage like that, heck I didn’t even feel nervous once I was on that stage. It was just really invigorating. Also my friends in the audience were really supportive, I could see them waving with their thumbs up signs! I love you guys haha! Our performance was a little off but the more I watch the videos, the better and happier I feel about it! It was actually really quite good.

The greatest part of the night, was not the event itself, but actually the company. We may only be in our first semester, but we get along so well and we have so much fun together. Not all of us were close with each other, but we still felt comfortable to do inappropriate things together and scream and shout and sing and dab like nobody was watching us. That is what fun means to me: Having the time of your life with the people you love, regardless what people think. SBS Babies, te amo. I took many pretty photos of my gorgeous mates but didn’t feel like posted them up here, I did on Facebook though!

I am so looking forward to going to events and activities with these bunch of crazy bitches!


Author: Bryan Yap

Food enthusiast, amateur photographer & aspiring revolutionary

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