Out of Touch

It feels like I’ve been out of touch with reality for so long. Being on this excruciatingly long semester break is starting to becoming really detrimental to both my physical and mental well-being. The former attributed to me being more sedentary than I usually am, and the latter because I do not have anything to occupy or challenge my mind.

Yet, I have been plagued with unnecessary stress. From the incessant practice and rehearsal sessions for the a capella club, to the fact that I did not get anything productive done throughout the past three months, and also my inability and hesitance to find a job. Personal issues also come into play, but those are easily managed.

Here I am painstakingly waiting for the semester to begin so I can get up and going again. The daily grind; Waking up early rushing for classes, stressing out about assignments and coursework, studying (as if), practices, running up and down and all around doing God knows what. I need to be intellectually stimulated.

I want to feel useful again.


Author: Bryan Yap

Food enthusiast, amateur photographer & aspiring revolutionary

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