Purpose. I suppose this is what many, if not all, of us look for in life. In addition to needing people, needing attention, needing anything at all; We also want to be needed. That’s how the give-and-take scenario works. In an ideal and just world, you give as much as you get, and you get as much as you give. Mutualism.

As beautiful a rose
It would not be
Without the dirt and soil
To nourish and flourish

As wieldy a handle
In the knight’s hand
Without an iron blade
Is not a weapon

As poetic the words
By W. Shakespeare were
Without a pen and its ink
His sheets remain empty

As strong a bond
Such as between atoms
Without trust and support
May it hold or crumble

— J.M. (2017)


Author: Bryan Yap

Food enthusiast, amateur photographer & aspiring revolutionary

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