If I had just one more chance
I’d tell you what I learnt
From loving myself after I loved you
How strong how warm the fire burnt

Then I’ll add one to one
Yet my answer will be three
I learnt that it’s because
Of the secret you kept from me

You said you’d love me
How I talk and when I laugh
And then I’d fall in love
And stray from a familiar path

And if I add two to two
I know that I’ll still get three
Because you knew all along
That you’ll leave me

One and one make two too little
Two and two too much for me
You and I and everyone else
That’s your holy trinity

— J.M. (2018)


Choose Your Hero

You painted me a twilight sky
Of shades of gold and candlelight
Then my senses came alive

In unknowing how lost I was
You looked in shining armour,
A knight clad in silver and gold

All the voices in my head
They told me, “Choose your hero”
“How?” I asked back, “I do not know”

They said a hero is one who saves me
In mind, in body, in spirit and in love
A sign of peace, a white dove

I nodded once, and once again
“Now, choose your hero.”
And in this moment, I choose you.

— J.M. (2018)

finding love

we all want love
we all want to find love
to love, and to be loved

we go through the climb
and then the fall
meeting new people and learning them all

then one of two things happen:
we fall in love
or we grow bored

if you fall in love
then good for you
you are at your best when you are in love
but you have much to lose

you should tell them
so you can breathe
i know how suffocating
it is underneath

if you grow bored
then too bad for you
but you are not at wrong nor at fault
unless you know that it’s true

you should tell them
so you can leave
don’t twist the truth
even if they’d believe

we all want love
we all want to find love
and if we don’t find it here
well… you tell me

— J.M. (2018)

Too Soon

Is it too soon
To tell myself no
For walking down a haunted path
With ghosts creeping from the aftermath

Is it too soon
To tell myself yes
For choosing life over death
By stealing it from a stolen breath

Is it too soon
To tell myself to decide
To start counting my days one by one
To stay and fight for the long run

It is too soon
Isn’t it?

— J.M. (2017)


The sound of raindrops
Falling on rooftops
Calming and chaotic
Relentless yet rhythmic

The rustling of the summer breeze
In the distance, I hear a sneeze
Mine; somebody misses me
And it’s with them I want to be

The quiet of night
In a foreign place full of light
A face, comes to mind
It’s yours, all the time

Sounds, they give meaning
Words, beg for listening
Silence, feeling emotion
Are all decibels, set it motion

— J.M. (2017)



In the dark of night,
Beside my bed a flash of light,
That turned out to be a star,
One of many more.

The stars shone in the trees,
Dancing in between the leaves.
Forming constellations,
And predicting our future.

Darkness sank into the depths,
As the elusive stars dot the lake.
A head, a shoulder,
A breath, a sigh.

From jazz to dance,
A midsummer night’s​ romance,
We traversed the city on borrowed time,
Always afraid of losing to chance.


On the great canvas gifted to you,
You painted the galaxies,
In all shades but blue.

And then we danced on its arms,
Always careful, never fearful
In knowing there will be no harm.

The loss of silver,
The shimmer of gold,
In there you’ll keep the stories I’ve told.

As the sun shines as a star,
And the stars make up a galaxy,
That is how you had always made me.


A spaceman floating in the void,
Alone with no spirit,
He looks around and what he sees
Is a sea of darkness with no end

The spaceman thinks this is the end,
But remembers right before the attempt,
That the universe is not so empty,
But filled with all the stars and galaxies.

Then he sees it all at once,
The tiny sparks of light
Flickering all the way up, down,
And too, all around.

He sees the stars,
The ones he saw from home.
He sees the galaxies,
The ones he’d always dreamt.

Then he remembers,
That he’s not alone.
This universe may be big,
But love is bigger.


I can live, without any regret,
And be eternally grateful to whom I’ve met.
For what you have given me;
A past, a present, a future.

An entire lifetime,
From birth to death
We had no time,
Yet we had all of time.

What you thought in months,
I thought as eternity.
Between one and the other,
Is just infinity.

— J.M. (2017)